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Where can I go for treatment?

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You can visit several locations for treatment of tinnitus. Treatment is provided by various specialized agencies and practitioners. You can go there to learn how to deal with your tinnitus symptoms and gain more control over them. Always consult a doctor in case of health complaints.

Below is a list of locations for treatment of tinnitus in the Netherlands. At the bottom of the list you will also find a link to a list of locations in Belgium.

Audiology Centers

Most Audiological Centers in the Netherlands offer counseling for tinnitus. At each center, audiological examination and technical rehabilitation using a hearing aid is available anyway. Inquire in advance if counseling is available. Click here for addresses of audiology centers.

Practice for Psycho- and Hypnotherapy

In Amsterdam, Marianna Rácz has her Practice for Psycho- and Hypnotherapy where she also counsels patients with tinnitus. Click here to go to the website for more information.

The Tinnitus Expertise Network Twente

The Tinnitus Expertise Network Twente was founded in 2015 as a partnership between the ENT doctors in the Twente and Achterhoek region, the Pento Audiological Center Twente, the Praktijk voor Fysiotherapie Hövels and Volmer in Neede. Again, a complete program is offered. Click here for more information.


In Breda and Eindhoven (and Turnhout in Belgium). Please contact Insentis. The program at Insentis consists of psychoeducation combined with cognitive behavioral therapy. In addition, Insentis works with you on any stress and/or emotional complaints. Insentis also uses components from Tinnitus Retraining Therapy (TRT) and sound enrichment. Click here for more information.

GZ psychologist Delft

In Delft, you can visit GZ psychologist Linda Nederpel. She has extensive experience with patients with tinnitus.

Rural mental health center for the deaf and hard of hearing

In Ede you can go to the National GGZ Center for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing “de Riethorst“.

GZ psychologists Merel Prins and Michelle van Jole

In Leiden, you can contact GZ psychologists Merel Prins and Michelle van Jole. Merel and Michelle’s expertise lies in the treatment of complaints associated with tinnitus, hyperacusis and hearing impairment. They also offer various treatments for complaints with other causes. These include treatment in the areas of burnout symptoms, stress, gloom and anxiety. The various symptoms can be treated with elements of cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness and EMDR (also for tinnitus).

Rizwaan Jaggoe

In Nijmegen (and online), Rizwaan Jaggoe offers counseling for tinnitus symptoms. He uses third-generation cognitive therapy (Acceptance & Commitment Therapy), exposure therapy and mindfulness to achieve acceptance. As a tinnitus therapist, he also pays extensive attention to dealing with stress, trauma, emotions, values and overall balance. He also uses his expertise gained as a physical therapist in recognizing stress-related physical complaints and teaching relaxation techniques.


The GGMD (Mental Health and Social Services for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing) organizes courses for tinnitus sufferers at various locations in the Netherlands. The goal of the course is to learn to give tinnitus a place in your life. In addition to information about tinnitus, you will receive tips on how to learn to cope with tinnitus, how to adjust your life and how to sleep with tinnitus. There is also peer contact here. If needed, the GGMD also offers individual counseling for tinnitus treatment.


At hearing aid company IntoEars (in Tilburg and Maastricht), you can get TRT therapy as well as hearing aids and sound enrichment. Click here to find a hearing clinic near you.


For addresses of treatment sites for tinnitus in Belgium click here.