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Artists Against Tinnitus Team Stephen Emmer Voorzitter

Stephen Emmer

Founder & Chairman

Besides being a composer and producer, Stephen is also an expert by experience in tinnitus and partial hearing loss. He enjoys organizing new projects with a strong idealistic character, and knows how to bring them to the attention of the public through his years of experience and extensive network.

Artists Against Tinnitus Team Connie Kemp Secretaris

Connie Kemp


Connie is an experienced project manager in the music, arts and culture sector. Her financial acumen and outline accounting understanding are excellent. Specialties: coordinating and producing projects from initial to final stages, relationship management with financial/economic objectives.

Artists Against Tinnitus Team Wouter Steiner Secretaris

Wouter Steiner


Wouter is a senior professional with management experience in multimedia and telecom . He is a generalist, creative in solving problems and likes to think outside the box. He has extensive experience as a director of foundations; his legal background is an advantage.