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Stephen Emmer: “Through Hoormij∙NVVS you’ll find your way better”


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on the website of the Artists Against Tinnitus Foundation.

We note…

  • That the understanding and knowledge of hearing damage needs to be more transparent,
  • that prioritizing this should become more urgent,
  • that adjustments in decibels in both live music, and listening with earplugs, is desirable to avert a rapidly approaching epidemic of hearing damage,
  • that artists and musicians can help contribute to the social debate from new perspectives.

And strive to…

  • gaining greater attention, awareness and education about, as well as understanding of, hearing issues among artists, listeners and fans alike,
  • coming up with a concrete medical solution within the foreseeable future within the triangle of government, medical sector and pharmaceutical industry,
  • The use of the AAT foundation as a hotline, information center and interlocutor in the field of hearing damage in connection with being an artist.


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