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What Dutch agencies can I contact with questions?

research which agencies in case of hearing damage and or tinnitus

Here is an overview of a variety of Dutch agencies to contact with all your questions about hearing damage and tinnitus.


Federation of Dutch Audiology Centers.

At an Audiology Center (AC), a team of experts works to research, rehabilitate and counsel hearing problems in adults and children. There are 25 accredited audiological centers in the Netherlands, spread throughout the country, with a total of about 30 branches (main branches and annexes). More information and locations of the AC can be found here, and on the FENAC website.

Phone: 030 – 276 99 02


A partnership of the Dutch Association for the Hard of Hearing (NVVS) and the Federation of Dutch Audiological Centers (FENAC).

On October 17, 2005, the national phone number 0800-TINNITUS (0800-84664887) was opened. The phone line staff can help you with the following:

– initial information about tinnitus,

– connect with peers,

– Assistance in finding the right agency.

The staff at the counter are NOT social workers, but help you on your way to the right next step. The counter is available weekdays from 9 a.m. to noon.

Phone: 0800 – 8466 4887


For anyone from 0 to 100+ with hearing and/or balance impairment. Education, peer contact and advocacy.

Do you have tinnitus? We hear you. We will hear what impact the condition has on you and those around you, how you deal with it, what you need, what you encounter, what tips you have for others. Hoormij∙NVVS also gives you tools to make yourself heard and get the best out of yourself. At work, at school, at home, at the sports club.

Phone: 030 -261 76 16


Independent blog/platform written by audiology specialist Rene van der Wijk.

At you can find broad information on many topics related to hearing, how it works, hearing problems such as hearing impairment and tinnitus, hearing tests, hearing aids, cochlear implants, hearing protectors and other hearing aids. Sometimes this information is fine for the patient and client, sometimes it goes into more depth and is more appropriate for the professional.



Stichting Oorfonds Nederland

The Ear Fund’s mission is to eliminate all ear problems. We raise funds so that more scientific ear research can take place. The Ear Fund is an initiative of people affected by an ear condition themselves. Their many discussions with researchers, ENT doctors, patient organizations and audiologists revealed a clear need for more scientific research. Because targeted fundraising for ear research did not yet exist, they established the Ear Fund in 2019. The Ear Fund focuses on improving quality of life with an ear condition and where possible even curing ear conditions


[Source : Stephen Emmer Research]