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How does tinnitus occur? *

  1. Hearing damage from very loud noises ranks as leading cause. “Beep stress” is common among young people who have spent an evening out. a volume of around 100 dB; a volume that can cause acute hearing damage after just ten minutes. Over 15% of young people between the ages of 16 and 30 already suffer permanent hearing damage as a result. Listening to music at a high volume through portable personal audio devices (such as MP3 players) is also suspect in this regard.
  2. By an acoustic shock, or sudden, unexpected, exposure of a brief but moderately loud to loud sound stimulus. Usually the duration and level of these sounds are not sufficient to cause hearing damage, but in certain cases they can lead to tinnitus.
  3. Due to major emotional stresses.: traumatic noise (noise linked to trauma), burnout stress, overtiredness, post-traumatic stress disorder, panic and anxiety disorder and depression.
  4. Due to trauma to the head and/or neck.
  5. As a result of medication that is toxic to the ear .. In particular, painkillers such as aspirin are associated with tinnitus. Tinnitus is also a known side effect of the antibiotic kanamycinye.
  6. High blood pressure, diabetes and atherosclerosis (arteriosclerosis).
  7. A chronic middle ear infection with fluid behind the eardrum.
  8. Otosclerosis; an abnormal ossification in the middle ear, which can cause hearing impairment or even complete deafness.
  9. Closure of the ear canal, by an earwax plug, water or a cotton ball, for example.
  10. Inflammation of a wisdom tooth.

* In 40% of cases, the underlying cause for the onset of tinnitus cannot be demonstrated.