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Tivoli Vredenburg : Free Earplugs

Tivoli Vredenburg Utrecht Gratis Oordoppen

Hearing protection

We think it’s important that you can enjoy good music not only now, but twenty years from now. Therefore, take good care of your ears!

Be careful of your ears and avoid hearing damage. At high sound pressure levels, it is smart to use earplugs. So you can hear the music well, you can still communicate with your fellow attendees, and you also protect your hearing.

(Free) earplugs in Tivoli Vredenburg (Utrecht)

Coming to Tivoli Vredenburg for a concert or club night, but don’t have hearing protection yet? No problem, because earplugs are also available from us. We have two types:

  • Reusable silicone earplugs (Thunderplugs brand), available in the vending machine next to the checkrooms of all halls.
  • Single-use earplugs available free at all checkrooms and at the bar.

How does hearing damage occur?

Hearing damage occurs because the cilia in the inner ear become damaged. In addition to natural wear and tear from aging, vibrating hairs are also damaged by too much exposure to loud noises. Starting at 80 decibels, noise can be harmful. The vibrating hairs become overloaded by the sound pressure and break down. This can happen all at once if the sound is very loud, but also happens if you are exposed to loud sound too often or for long periods of time. If the cilia are damaged, they no longer transmit information, making your hearing worse, or they transmit the wrong information, such as a beep or noise. A ringing in your ears after a night out is the first sign of hearing damage and can turn into a permanent ringing or noise, which is called tinnitus.

Tivoli Vredenburg supports the I Love My Ears campaign. On the I Love My Ears website, you’ll find some handy and easy tips on how to best protect your ears while still enjoying the music. Want to know more about this noise and hearing protection? Visit the National Hearing Foundation website.

[Source: Tivoli Vredenburg]