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Milo Driessen ravaged by hearing damage

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Anxiety Disorder

“During the Covid-19 period I was a lot less comfortable in my own skin. I was suffering from anxiety, from an anxiety disorder, and that squeak became one of the pillars that my fears were focused on. That was a very complicated time,” states the 29-year-old.

Sleep problems

When Milo also develops a sleep problem, he says he goes “screaming mad. “At one point I was just banging the walls of my bedroom at night, it was that bad. The more attention you give it, the harder it gets.”

The constant beep is ultimately “a matter of habituation,” continues the artist. Above all, he advises everyone to wear hearing protection when going out.

Recently, several BN’ers announced that they have hearing loss. For example, presenter Wilfred Genee, composer Stephen Emmer and actor Waldemar Torenstra, among others, struggle with tinnitus.

Maximum 100 Decibels

The Health Council late last month advised the cabinet to do more to address the growing number of people who have hearing loss. Music should only be amplified to a maximum of 100 decibels, 3 decibels less than currently agreed upon, a report said.

[Source: RTL Boulevard – Editorial]