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Hoormij-NVVS calls on State Secretary to take action to prevent hearing damage

news Hoormij NVVS request State Secretary to take measures to prevent hearing damage

Last November, the Health Council released its report advising on hearing damage. In response, Maarten van Ooijen indicated that he would first like to enter into discussions with the covenant partners from the sector; this will take place on February 1, 2023.

Artists against Tinnitus Foundation and patient organization Hoormij – NVVS request him in a letter to listen not only to the covenant partners, but also to a different sound. The voices of musicians, composers, producers and venue and studio technicians. Many of them suffer from hearing damage.

These professionals have a different point of view and perspective than the current industry representatives within the covenant. They do not assume the economic interest but want to take responsibility for solving the problem of hearing damage caused by too loud music.

Low-Volume Concerts

Specifically, they aim to reduce decibels, shorten the duration of harmful noise during events and organize low-volume concerts. In addition to substantive input, they are willing to make a financial contribution – where possible – for example, by organizing concerts with proceeds going to research and education on hearing damage and tinnitus. These music artists see this as their moral responsibility: they want to protect each other and their audience from (further) hearing damage.

Hearing damage in musicians

A petition on the issue has now been signed by many people, including leading individuals and groups in the music industry. The request to the secretary of state on Feb. 1, 2023 is to also listen to these professionals, represented by Stephen Emmer. This will allow the conversation round to be completed with this other sound from the music industry, which will keep the discussion more pure.

[Source: Hoormij – NVVS]